Supreme Court Briefs

U.S. Supreme Court Briefs are important historical documents, but finding them isn’t always easy, and not everyone is near one of the handful of official depositories where the Supreme Court sends all its extra briefs. In fact, now that the Court appears to have fully embraced electronic document submission, the days of printed briefs may soon be coming to an end.

I’ve created a small online collection of Featured Briefs, which I hope will grow over time. Most have been scanned by other groups, such as the now-defunct Curiae Project, but I occasionally scan some myself as well, since I live near the University of Washington, which holds an impressive collection of old Supreme Court briefs in its Law Library.

For example, in 2017, I scanned all the briefs from Korematsu v. United States for a podcast producer. It proved to be a rather thankless task, but at least now the collection is a tiny bit larger.

Written on March 9, 2019