U.S. Supreme Court Opinions

This page provides links to all opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court, not merely those containing lone dissents. The following collections are now available:

Our collections use three different opinion sources:

We prefer opinions in PDF format because they faithfully reproduce the printed versions. Our preferred preference would be to have access to an XML-based text source and render the opinions using HTML and CSS, but (a) we don’t have such a source, and (b) that’s a lot of work.

See Terms of The Court for a short history of Supreme Court terms, to provide some context for the list that follows.

Opinions by Term

* Technically, January Terms 1845 through 1850 were actually December Terms 1844 through 1849; the Court apparently preferred to adhere to its previous naming convention, at least for six more years. See Terms of The Court for more information.