U.S. Supreme Court Featured Transcripts

We have supplemented our selection of Pre-1968 Transcripts with additional transcripts from other sources, such as “Landmark Briefs and Arguments”, and included them in this list of Featured Transcripts.

Our focus here is on cases that don’t have an audio recording (i.e, pre-1955 cases), since The Oyez Project already does a fine job providing unofficial transcripts of all tape-recorded cases argued since October 1955. See Transcripts for further discussion.

October Term 1924

October Term 1926

October Term 1934

October Term 1936

July Special Term 1942

October Term 1946

October Term 1947

The Parker v. Illinois [PDF] case is interesting because it featured a pro se litigant who was also not a lawyer. It’s also unclear to what extent the Court was aware of this fact, because there’s this curious exchange near the end of the argument:

JUSTICE RUTLEDGE: Mr. Parker, I would like to ask one question and I would like to state it very carefully and have you answer it just as I put it.

MR. PARKER: Yes, sir.

JUSTICE RUTLEDGE: Does the record show – I don’t want yes or no to anything else – does this record show whether you are a member of the Bar or not?

MR. PARKER: I am not. The record shows I am not.


MR. PARKER: The record shows I am not. Oh, no, I am not a lawyer.

Mr. Parker didn’t prevail (although he did garner 3 dissenting votes). And pro se non-lawyers do sometimes win, as Mr. Sloan did in SEC v. Sloan (1978). But Mr. Sloan was the last non-lawyer to argue at the Supreme Court, and ever since the Court changed its rules in 2013, non-lawyers have not been permitted to argue their own cases at the Supreme Court.

October Term 1948

October Term 1949

October Term 1950

October Term 1951

October Term 1952

October Term 1954