U.S. Supreme Court Lone Dissents

“Loners” is our slang for lone dissents. This page provides links to all known lone dissents of the U.S. Supreme Court. The following collections are now available:

Our collections use three different opinion sources:

We prefer opinions in PDF format because they faithfully reproduce the printed versions. Our preferred preference would be to have access to an XML-based text source and render the opinions using HTML and CSS, but (a) we don’t have such a source, and (b) that’s a lot of work.

Finally, if you’re looking for all opinions, not merely lone dissents, there are some additional collections you can browse, with more coming soon:

See Terms of The Court for a short history of Supreme Court terms, to provide some context for the list that follows.

Lone Dissents by Term

* Technically, January Terms 1845 through 1850 were actually December Terms 1844 through 1849; the Court apparently preferred to adhere to its previous naming convention, at least for six more years. See Terms of The Court for more information.